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My drago

      Once upon a time, there was a little dragon and her mother that lived
under the ground. One day, they went to the city and wanted to find some
sweets.  Unluckily, the little dragon lost its mum and it was hurt, then I
saved it and gave it a name , Joby.

     She was orange in colour and looked like a snake.	She was very kind,
lovely and pretty.  She was very small in size.  She liked eating and drawing. 
She could draw beautiful pictures.   I liked her drawing very much.

     She could play magic, too.   She could change into different sizes and
colours.  Sometimes she was big, sometimes she was very small.	And sometimes
she was orange in colour but sometimes she was green.

    When Joby was hungry,  I would give her some sweets.  She liked all kinds
of sweets.   She liked fruit gummy best but she didn't like chocolate.	

    Joby was my pet.  I liked playing with her and she enjoyed play with me,
By Laurine Chan