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The Time Machine

The Time Machine

    In 2104, students will need to go to school, too!  They will have little
homework, a few subjects to study, a few tests and exams.

    Students will have homework machine to help them to do their homework. 
They will have a M.P.3 to save all the homework and important information but
they need to print them out at last.

    Students will not have any uniforms, books and school bags.  Everyone will
have her own computer.

    School will have a shop for students to buy their things, such as
batteries, CDs and other useful things.

    Students and teachers will not need to walk so many stairs in the school
because there will be a flying machine.  Teachers will not need to correct
student's homework because there will be a robot to check it.  Unluckily, there
will not be any Music and P.E. lessons.